About ERP

Executive Recruiting Partners is committed to excellence and integrity in providing professional recruiting competitiveness, sourcing brilliant people for our engineering services, construction, personal care, energy and food industry clients.

We love to find Brilliant people who love to mentor, train, build teams and guide the next generation of smart managers – ensuring sustainability for the future.

In order to sustain growth in company talent, we must be the best at finding and competing for the smartest people in the marketplace. With our recruiting expertise, advocating for your company with passion – let us become partners with your talent acquisition team.


Any successful endeavor among people begins with building trust and imparting recognition and ownership of the team goal. Successful recruiting is a collaborative and cooperative effort where each team member clearly understands their role and its importance to the success of the team. Each recruiting assignment must be viewed in the context of company mission, values and business objectives.

By partnering with select recruiting professionals throughout the country specializing the personal care, energy and food industries, we offer a wealth of experience, resources, and recruiting successes for our clients.

We are committed to the highest level of recruiting ethics, integrity, unparalleled service, and teamwork…and we are continuously seeking ways to improve the recruiting process to provide the best talent.

Core Values

Combining our resources, ideas and energy to find the best talent

Building relationships based on trust and honesty…doing the right thing

Team Work
Our Client ~ Executive Recruiting Partners = One cohesive team

Respecting the privacy and value of people